Meet The Team

They say that the moments once gone by, can never come back… and we disagree it! We will capture those special moments for you through our lenses with the same freshness and the quality, to which you will be hooked forever. Life is a special gift, come to us and we will make it better many-folds. Our photographs capture your emotions, freezes time, and bring those special events in front of your eyes whenever you see them. They make you to laugh, to cry, to celebrate and to be nostalgic. Our team of specially trained, talented and passionate photographers can capture your best moments better.



He started out as an amateur photographer and grew on to become a thorough professional. An unrelenting thirst for photography and an unparalleled creative eye sets him apart from others. His specialty includes street photography, portraits, and creative weddings.



A designer from a famous Ad agency in Chennai, DB has tremendous passion towards Creative photography. He befriended the camera two years ago and since then these two have become inseparable friends. DB is a smart and dedicated photographer. His expertise in photography includes portfolios, weddings and product photography.



A young graduate with varying interests and photography being the one which is very close to his heart. He started out as a passion photographer and now has become a professional. He has been espoused to his camera since 2 years.